Real time monitoring software

Check out the real time monitoring software team’s productivity summary to determine the workload balance and discover the best practices to distribute between teams.

Active Team Productivity Pulse

This real time monitoring software and dashboard is your live "virtual office" so you can view vital information across remote and in-office teams as well as individuals.

  • Every day, we provide a quick snapshot of the team and individual productivity.
  • Current availability and real-time activity to prevent interrupting focus work.
  • Quickly drill down into reports to find more information on the application's use and productivity analyses.

Active Team Comparison

Check out real monitoring software and similar teams side-by-side to see how they function compared to other groups and discover opportunities to apply the best methods.

  • Examine the way your team is performing against other teams.
  • Visualise the time spent in each application to determine whether the activities meet goals and expectations for the role.
  • Use data from team comparisons to educate managers on how they can coach their teams to maximise the potential for productivity.

Active Productivity Summary

Explore trends in the total production time and daily schedules for the team.

  • Check out the data by the day, month, week, or year to better understand average team performance.
  • Spot spikes or upward trends during work hours to shift the workload or look at additional resources.
  • Review team coverage for the day and ensure that the team is working healthily—taking breaks.

Active Work Efficiency

Learn about the total hours of work and productive hours, and specific work hours to evaluate the team's efficiency and involvement.

  • Review your productive time and focus time with the goals you have created for your group.
  • Find out if your team can secure focused time to think creatively as well as problem-solving and development.
  • Find team members with more concentration and then share the tips and tricks with other team members.

Active Breakdown & Trends

Gauge how total, productive and unproductive time are trending across individuals and teams. Gather insights into typical work habits to understand invested time and compare adequate time against your goals.

  • View an aggregation of productive time across your team.
  • Assess if individuals are struggling to engage in productive work.
  • Review how much time is spent by application category to evaluate alignment with roles and priorities.