Know which apps and websites your employees most frequently use so you can direct your attention and budget where you truly require them to.

Technology Usage and Adoption

Learn which software is used by which teams and at what frequency so that you can make the most of the latest technology and training to boost the team's productivity.

  • Get a better understanding of new software that may require authorising to clarify compliance risks, unnecessary license costs and legal compliance issues. Monitor the amount of time staff use applications to determine whether the activities align with the roles and duties.
  • Find applications that have overlapping capabilities or ones so you can avoid unnecessary license fees.

Top Applications & Websites

ActiveSeconds platform automatically classifies thousands of apps and websites by type (email, sales tools, meeting software, etc.) and productive/non-productive categorisation so you can quickly gain insights.

  • Check out a breakdown of the working hours for both teams and individuals by category or app to see what tasks take longer.
  • Know if messages apps or social media can cause distractions that go in a way that is not normal for healthy breaks and collaboration.
  • Discover apps with redundant functionality to cut down on license costs and simplify business processes.

Active Work Efficiency - Inefficiency Sources

Assess the impact of non-business activities as well as focus shifts that affect productive and concentrated work time.

  • Check out a breakdown of the time allocated on productive work as opposed to non-business activities.
  • Find out the length of the period that your team can remain focused and effective with no interruptions.
  • Know which websites or applications can be causing attention shifts and distractions.

Alarms & Website Blocking

Some companies require the ability to implement compliance measures to safeguard sensitive data and minimise the risk. ActiveSeconds offers the capability to set up alarms and respond to events that could create the risk of compliance or deviation.

  • Block specific websites or categories of websites to ensure conformity with the internet usage guidelines.
  • Get informed of the usage of new applications. You can also create actions to close down applications that aren't approved to stop app sprawl.