Monitor Software


Monitor software a One-stop shop to access the performance of a snapshot of teams and individuals to help you better understand your team's efficiency and drill down to more information.

  • Analyse productivity data to determine the areas prone to bottlenecks and where employees might benefit from assistance.
  • Discover the usage patterns of apps and websites that users use the most.
  • Learn the most productive and ineffective ways to conduct remote as well as inside-office workers.
  • Recognise and reduce risky actions which are not in compliance with the policy of the company.

Personal Insights Dashboard

Monitor software allow managers to share individual productivity data with team members and discuss areas of improvement so that everyone can concentrate on the most important things.

  • Examine weekly activities to determine the factors that are facilitating or hindering focus and productivity.
  • Examine work habits and tools used.
  • Leverage suggestions to increase productivity and the balance of work and family.
  • Plan to share your thoughts with team members to encourage constructive dialogue.