Data usage Monitor

Data usage monitor developed a culture that empowers groups and individuals to accomplish big goals and drive more remarkable business outcomes.

ActiveSeconds Coach

A data usage monitor and virtual assistant to productivity analyses your team's data and gives individual recommendations on improving the balance of workload productivity, efficiency, and focus for your team.

  • Review opportunities for coaching, which are updated weekly to identify areas how team members can collaborate more effectively.
  • Use clear and actionable guidelines that are specific to your team's working habits to facilitate discussions.
  • Review progress reports from week to week to evaluate the effects of your coaching on your team members' working routines.

Manager Onboarding

We're here to assist everyone in your company make the most of ActiveSeconds, providing data usage monitor and data-driven insights that go beyond data.

  • Participate in an onboarding session to better understand ActiveSeconds and discuss strategies to roll out this platform for your staff.
  • Make use of a variety of self-service tools to learn how you can help your employees and encourage the continuous improvement of your employees.
  • Check out our Guide for Managers to better understand ActiveSeconds reports and use the data from your workforce to assist employees in working smarter.
  • Check out our product's in-product Learning Hub to review critical guidelines from the Productivity Lab - our dedicated team of subject matter experts.

Personal Insights Dashboard

Engage in coaching discussions with team members. Empower employees to be in charge of their personal development by providing performance insights based and data usage monitor on their particular working habits.

  • Examine weekly activities to discover the factors that are enabling or limiting productivity and to determine the best way to focus.
  • Review work habits and analyse tool use.
  • Leverage suggested actions to increase efficiency and work/life balance.
  • Schedule emails to report individual thoughts with team members to encourage constructive dialogue.

Email Subscriptions

Our email subscriptions allow you to share your insights with team members and other stakeholders so that you can set objectives, monitor progress, and engage in more productive conversations with coaches.

  • Self-subscribe to any dashboard according to a timetable.
  • Send a dashboard immediately, on a one-time basis, by pressing the "Send now" button.
  • Subscribe to other ActiveSeconds users to the dashboards of Insights to ensure teams stay aligned and promote an environment of collaboration and transparency.
  • Distribute the Personal Insights dashboard with your team members so that they receive periodic updates on their performance.