Best time management platform .HR, IT, and Management work together in ActiveSeconds to improve productivity, decrease risks, assess application adoption, and promote good work habits.

Productivity report

Learn valuable information from the best time management platform to improve team efficiency. You can drill down using date ranges computers, users or other factors to uncover patterns quickly.

See trends in productivity and total work hours to establish an overall measure of team efficiency.

  • Examine the amount of time on unproductive and productive tasks.
  • Highlight times when employees are at work or taking breaks throughout the day.
  • Set time intervals with adjustable intervals to measure the efficiency of individuals or teams throughout the day.

Activity Breakdown & Trends

Analyse how much time is used by teams and individuals and better understand everyday work habits.

  • Check out the daily summary of unproductive, productive and total working hours.
  • Visualise the time spent in each application to determine whether the activities meet goals and expectations for the role.
  • Spot spikes or upward trends during working hours to shift work hours or think about adding resources.

Active Team Productivity

Updated every 5 minutes, get a glimpse of the workforce's productivity throughout the day for each member of the team that provide vital information like:

  • See the real-time availability of employees, either active or passive offline, and filter by team or user to view snapshots of their working day.
  • Instantly gain insight into efficiency across the team to determine the focus and use throughout the day.
  • Explore reports to find more information about the application's usage as well as productivity analyses.

Active Work Inefficiency Sources

Assess the impact on non-business-related activities and the effect of attention shifting on productive and concentrated working time.

  • See a breakdown of time used for productive work as opposed to non-business activities.
  • Learn about the length of time that your team can focus and be productive without interruptions.
  • Find out which apps or websites contribute to the shift in attention and distractions.
  • Review 80/20. Is staff time being used effectively?

Active Workload Balance

Take the time to evaluate employees who are at risk of burning out and the contributing factors to stress in the workplace.

  • Find out where hours of work are consistently high or spiking to identify team members that require assistance.
  • Be aware of if your team participates in regular breaks during their day.
  • Recognise employees who are in danger of burning out and who have a low level of involvement.

Active Personal Insights Dashboard

Let managers review their productivity data with team members and discuss areas of improvement so that everyone can concentrate on the things that matter most.

  • Examine weekly activities to determine the factors that are facilitating or hindering focus and productivity.
  • Review work habits and analyse tool use.
  • Leverage suggested strategies to boost productivity and the balance of work and family.
  • Schedule to share personal insights with each team member to encourage constructive dialogue.